London X Munich: Climate Policy in the EU and London


How do we turn radical green ideas from aspirations to policy on the statute book? What challenges do Green politicians face when it comes to turning their ideas into action?

Join the London Young Greens and Grüne Jugend München (the Munich Young Green​s) as we discuss the successes and challenges of getting climate policies passed. We’ll be joined by Micha Bloss MEP and Caroline Russell London Assembly Member, who will reflect on their experiences working on environmental issues, at both an international and city-wide level.

Zoom details:

​Micha Bloss is an MEP for Alliance 90/The Greens, the German Green Party. ​​​He sits on both environmental and energy committees, and very recently he worked on passing law committing the EU to 60% carbon reductions by 2030.​

​​Caroline Russell ​is a member of the London Assembly for the Green Party of England and Wales. She sits on ​the Environment Committee, where she scrutinises environmental policies enacted in the capital by the Mayor. She has successfully campaigned for public transport in London to make greater use of renewable energy.

This event is open to all. If you have any questions or accessibility issues, please contact us at